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Dealing with rape… go to a hospital immediately

  By [email protected] After rape, many women run home to hide because of the disgust, pain and shame. Whereas it is understandable and expected, by doing this you might keep yourself attached to the rapist forever by catching HIV or having a pregnancy. Thinking about your safety however difficult and walking into a hospital is […]

Dealing with Rape!

By [email protected] It is the most horrible experience a woman can ever go through and it leaves the victim stressed, bruised and feeling shame. Today in Uganda, many women and girls are traumatized after being raped and tend to have no way out to seek justice and carry it as a secret to their graves […]

Tapeworms can cause deadly tumors in humans… Incredible!

Exhaustive tests on the body tissues of a Colombian man have revealed that the cancer tumors in his lungs were not human tissue but from tapeworms. The 41 yr old man reported to have visited a clinic in January 2013 after experiencing cough, fever and weight loss for several months; tests on his chest however […]

It’s confirmed; processed meats cause cancer.

Are you a regular consumer of processed meats like sausages, hot dogs, salami, bacon, and ham? Beware! The World Health Organisation has confirmed that processed meats play a key role in causing cancers such as bowel cancer. So what is the trouble with processed meat? The answer is in the chemicals used in processing the meat into […]

The disease on your chair!!

Are you a corporate, sitting at a desk on computer all day? Looks like your health problems are starting on your office chair. Being inactive is bad, but how bad? Young people who sit most of the time at their work places are living dangerously if they don’t exercise their bodies after the long hours […]