Young and Healthy

Treating acne – before you buy that skin product.

As a young adult, a face filled with pimples can totally kill your self-esteem, but that can change if you find out what is causing them and what you could be doing to worsen them. LinkmeUg interviewed Dr. Edward Ogwang – a dermatologist in Wandegeya, Kampala about the causes and treatment of acne. Dr. Ogwang: Simply […]

Keeping multiple partners?

Having many sexual partners may seem cool, but you can not always know their sexual histories or what other sexual relationships they may be in. Get off the sexual network. A message from Obulamu and; LinkmeUg Online Media for youth

I survived Fibrosarcoma cancer – David Kisakye

Nowadays, the media is awash with stories of people with, unfortunately most of them are about people in acute stages of cancer. LinkmeUg is joining the fight by presenting successful battles against cancer. Today we bring you David Kisakye who was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma cancer in his 30s. He won the fight because he received […]

University students speak out on why girls abort. By: [email protected] 800 abortions occur in Uganda everyday as revealed by Dr Charles Kiggundu, senior Gynecologist at Mulago hospital. It is also true that many young people in school become sexually active at the university. Though LinkmeUg’s research shows that condoms are the contraception of choice for most university students, they are not consistently […]

Do our boyfriends understand periods?

By: [email protected] The period is a topic every girl discusses with her friends ranging from the pain killers they use to the sanitary experience,  moods and more. But the question is what do our boyfriends know and do about it? Some guys look at their girlfriends acting all emotional and just can’t understand the whole […]

The contraception of choice among university students

By: [email protected] Many students in institutions of higher learning start what you would call serious relationships and LinkmeUg is concerned about their sexual health. Our reporter had a chart with some young people at campus about what kind of protection they use against HIV and pregnancy. Brenda: I use the morning-after-pills. Accidents happen, that’s why […]

When you lack self esteem

By: [email protected] Brian wrote to our counselor… I would like to be advised on what kills my self esteem especially when it comes to having a girlfriend. When I date one, in a week I lose interest though when i persist to make it last for some time, I still find myself unhappy and tend […]