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Tapeworms can cause deadly tumors in humans… Incredible!

Exhaustive tests on the body tissues of a Colombian man have revealed that the cancer tumors in his lungs were not human tissue but from tapeworms. The 41 yr old man reported to have visited a clinic in January 2013 after experiencing cough, fever and weight loss for several months; tests on his chest however […]

It’s confirmed; processed meats cause cancer.

Are you a regular consumer of processed meats like sausages, hot dogs, salami, bacon, and ham? Beware! The World Health Organisation has confirmed that processed meats play a key role in causing cancers such as bowel cancer. So what is the trouble with processed meat? The answer is in the chemicals used in processing the meat into […]

Obulamu campaign is now on

LinkmeUG is proud to inform you that Obulamu campaign has partnered with us through to equip youths with information on a better approach to sex, relationships and health. Linkmeug college reps will be reaching you shortly. LinkmeUG, offering a platform for youths to meet experts and organisations with programs, information and resources for youths […]

“Food mountains” to blame for obesity…

Do you heap your plate? This new study is yours.  It has been observed that humans are eating large chunks of food which is leading to obesity and other health complications like diabetes. A new research by the University of Cambridge has discovered two main reasons people are eating too much. Firstly. we have large […]

More chillies = less disease and longer life

Food should be eaten hot, that we know. But this time I mean pepper hot. If you are not the type to add chilly to your food, you might want to reconsider today. A new research has confirmed earlier claims that eating pepper  is healthy for the heart, kidneys and other body organs. The study […]

Do you love your heart? Give it Chocolate.

Nothing comes off as good news to a chocolate consumer than to hear that the delicacy is not only healthy enough to eat but that it also lowers the risk of heart disease and strokes and reduces blood pressure. This was revealed on 16th June 2015 by the University of Aberdeen in Scotland following an […]

Eat salt-less groundnuts to live longer…

Are you allergic to ground nuts or do you just plain hate them? Wait till you find out they are the key to long life. A new study in the Netherlands by Maastricht University reveals that consuming just a handful of nuts, like our ground nuts, can reduce your risk of death by 23% as […]

Cold rice good for your health


How often do you do rice? And how do you like it? Hot, warm or cold? I hope hot wont be your preference because it turns out that we should;d be eating cold rice; in fact refrigerated rice. This is according to the Sri Lankan researchers who have discovered that rice boiled healthy oil like […]