When you lack self esteem

By: [email protected] Brian wrote to our counselor… I would like to be advised on what kills my self esteem especially when it comes to having a girlfriend. When I date one, in a week I lose interest though when i persist to make it last for some time, I still find myself unhappy and tend […]

Dealing with rape… go to a hospital immediately

  By [email protected] After rape, many women run home to hide because of the disgust, pain and shame. Whereas it is understandable and expected, by doing this you might keep yourself attached to the rapist forever by catching HIV or having a pregnancy. Thinking about your safety however difficult and walking into a hospital is […]

Dealing with Rape!

By [email protected] It is the most horrible experience a woman can ever go through and it leaves the victim stressed, bruised and feeling shame. Today in Uganda, many women and girls are traumatized after being raped and tend to have no way out to seek justice and carry it as a secret to their graves […]

Talk to a counselor

As we go through life, we study, laugh and live life like everything is okay. But many of us experience low moments when we are alone or at night. The nightmare of what you are going through or has happened in the past comes rushing back to you. It could be loss of a relative […]