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Here’s what your ‘bleach expert’ doesn’t tell you.

Many people have been convinced to lighten their skin with a so called natural product that supposedly contain fruits, vegetables and herbs like papaya, coconut, lemon or aloe-Vera. LinkmeUg caught up with Dr. Edward Ogwang in Wandegeya who says no fruit or vegetable can bleach. First, we asked him what is added to creams to […]

Managing UTIs – Dr. Amon Rukundo advises

LinkmeUg – Young and healthy is covering Urinary Tract Infections in a 3 part series. In the first 2 articles, we spoke to young men and ladies on their experience with these infections and what they think prevents them. See details – LinkmeUg’s Kigozi Curthbert caught up with Doctor Rukundo Amon of International Medical Link, […]

Treating acne – before you buy that skin product.

As a young adult, a face filled with pimples can totally kill your self-esteem, but that can change if you find out what is causing them and what you could be doing to worsen them. LinkmeUg interviewed Dr. Edward Ogwang – a dermatologist in Wandegeya, Kampala about the causes and treatment of acne. Dr. Ogwang: Simply […]

University students speak out on why girls abort. By: [email protected] 800 abortions occur in Uganda everyday as revealed by Dr Charles Kiggundu, senior Gynecologist at Mulago hospital. It is also true that many young people in school become sexually active at the university. Though LinkmeUg’s research shows that condoms are the contraception of choice for most university students, they are not consistently […]

The disease on your chair!!

Are you a corporate, sitting at a desk on computer all day? Looks like your health problems are starting on your office chair. Being inactive is bad, but how bad? Young people who sit most of the time at their work places are living dangerously if they don’t exercise their bodies after the long hours […]

Cervical cancer, should a 20 year old be concerned?

Every October, Uganda joins the world to raise awareness about cancer such as breast and cervical cancer. Let’s talk about cervical cancer. Many diseases that humans suffer later in life do not start suddenly; they are what you would call an accumulation of our life styles over time. LinkmeUG interviewed Dr. Stella Nabawanga of International […]

Doctor on call…

Many of us think we know the exact drug to buy when we have a headache, backache, fever a toothache and others. Gradually, we have become our own doctors, diagnosing the problem, deciding which disease it is and how bad it is. So we come up with a prescription. Flagyl 2X3, Panadol 2×2, Cipro 1X2 […]