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Artists in HIV-testing drive ahead of World AIDS Day

According to UNAIDS, 2 adolescent girls are infected with HIV every hour in Uganda and yet HIV testing is still very low. Experts say testing helps get more people on treatment and keeps others in check. But how do you get more youth to come out and test? How about a song? 3 upcoming artists […]

Here’s what your ‘bleach expert’ doesn’t tell you.

Many people have been convinced to lighten their skin with a so called natural product that supposedly contain fruits, vegetables and herbs like papaya, coconut, lemon or aloe-Vera. LinkmeUg caught up with Dr. Edward Ogwang in Wandegeya who says no fruit or vegetable can bleach. First, we asked him what is added to creams to […]

From Black to bleached – The bleaching process

In our previous article  We discovered that the main cause behind bleaching is low self esteem when people think they are not beautiful enough with their dark skin. LinkmeUg’s Curthbert Kigozi visited a renown ‘bleaching shop’ down town Kampala and today takes you through the process our girls and boys are putting their skins […]

Why are our girls bleaching?

Gone are the days when women in markets and those selling items by the road side competed in skin lightening; today, the educated, rich and poor girls (and sometimes men) are convinced that they are not beautiful enough with a dark skin. LinkmeUg will in this month exhaustively cover this issue to discover why, how […]

Managing UTIs – Dr. Amon Rukundo advises

LinkmeUg – Young and healthy is covering Urinary Tract Infections in a 3 part series. In the first 2 articles, we spoke to young men and ladies on their experience with these infections and what they think prevents them. See details – LinkmeUg’s Kigozi Curthbert caught up with Doctor Rukundo Amon of International Medical Link, […]

UTIs – What do the guys know?

Whereas ladies are more likely to suffer UTIs, the men too get suffer this problem and need info and help. LinkmeUg earlier spoke to the ladies on what they know about UTIs and how they handle the problem see - This time we focus on the guys; Curthbert Kigozi had a chat with young men […]

UTIs, how much do you know about them?

Many of us have suffered a Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) an infection in the urinary system, but how much do you know about what causes them and the treatment. LinkmeUg’s Curthbert Kigozi will cover the issue in a 3 part series. What do youth know about UTIs, how to avoid them as well as what […]

Let’s talk HIV/AIDS

As we mark World AIDS day – 1st December, LinkmeUg is concerned about the youth HIV statistics. 570 youth mostly girls 10 – 24 catch HIV/AIDs weekly; dominating  the over 83,000 new infections in Uganda. 110,000 adolescents – young people aged between 10 and 19 years old – are living with HIV HIV/AIDS is now the […]