Variety Stories

Are your New Year resolutions in motion?

February is here and you may think it is too soon to ask about your resolutions for the year but many times when we take long to act, the months fly past and before long, it is August and the resolutions are still on paper. This year should be different and here’s is how to […]

Closeup with Alex Mugerwa who made it to MUK despite disability.

As the cliché says, disability is not inability. Alex Mugerwa (23) is disabled in one leg but currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering at Makerere University Kampala. Alex is happily living a positive life and expects to be a better person in future. LinkmeUg’s Aggrey Nyondwa caught up with him and here is […]

The plight of government minister’s children

LinkmeUg is here to bring youth information to take informed decisions. One way we do that is by talking to young people in business to find out how they started and run them. Over the weekend, our reporter identified a young man we shall call Anthony, in agri-business. Anthony said he couldn’t take us to […]

Confidence at the interview

By: [email protected] Most people suffer from lack of confidence and self-esteem, fearing to express oneself publicly even when they could have been the best choices at job interviews. Employers have their eyes on those individuals who can play the game of perfection, have a wizardry that wins minds and magic that keeps coming back. Communication […]

The in-betweens don’t have to add up… A poem by Jamil Mugabi

There is no making peace it happened No matter what salvation says it’s passed Yesterday has to laugh at today’s pain Our faults live with us like a hard truth It’s our action and our consequences left to talk You can’t bend it with what might have been.   Carry your cross like a man […]

Take your own wheels… a poem by Jamil Mugabi.

Am not promising anything am not Just go see for yourself get out there I got mine go get your own mind Have your own take on things Decide your good and your bad I do want the best but l would be lying if I said it was what you deserved There is way […]

Still spirits…A poem by Jamil Mugabi

Rushed meals behind termite curved doors Bread crumbs on tasteless porridge With a little margarine to help it down Silver fish lunches oiled up in tomatoes Tried to wash my feet though.   Not a grain of promise anywhere in the room Just our yesterdays and the gloom. Fights fueled by regret and fear Of […]

Working Abroad, A bed of roses or a thorn?

Most people regard working abroad as a great milestone in their lives! While others think it is not a bed of roses. Rather one full of challenges. I could say that for me, it has been pretty much a mix of discoveries, fun, exposure and mainly carrier development. If one settles into the life abroad, […]