Are you keeping it safe?

Love happens but accidents like HIV, unplanned pregnancy and STIs should not. Are you keeping it safe? LinkmeUg Online media for youth

The wrongly deserving man… A poem by Jamil Mugabi

If l stay long enough force out every emotion Cancel all a man’s desires and stay around Let the women down hang up the phone Do you right by your whims buy my money dry? Like all your poisonous and vicious friends Even when it’s hard pretend to like what you do May be wanted […]

Would you buy a husband?

What would you do if your fiance walked out on you after you spent millions on him? Probably cry your lungs out and beg him to come back to you. But not the same for a Nigerian woman from Kano in Northern Nigeria. Zainab Abdulmalik only 22 was jilted by one such man and instead […]

Relationships: The highs and the lows

It’s not about having the perfect relationship, it’s about finding someone who matches you and will go through everything without giving up. Do you have a story to share with LinkmeUG? It  could be your own relationship or one you have witnessed. Send it to [email protected]