Real Life

Creep up my walls – A poem by Wambutsi Cynthia

In the painful wounds Wounds of my fragile soul Grieve me not For in the plains Distant from the crowd I watch from a far Able to not feel but know The suffocating loneliness Thanks to the art The diverse and ever hungry Art of greed and death So come explore me While you creep […]

Why I don’t use condoms – the guys speak out!!

On 30th August 2016, the Uganda AIDS Commission released the 2015 – 2016 Uganda HIV/AIDS Progress Report which revealed at youth between 15-24 years dominated the 83,000 new infections. Condoms have proved successful at preventing HIV infections if correctly and continually used but as LinkmeUg’s Cuthbert discovered, a number of young men are not using condoms and here is […]

Why I carry my baby to karaoke clubs!

By: [email protected] You will agree that reality sets in when a girl gets a child with an irresponsible boyfriend. This means that if her family is unwilling or unable to look after the child, she must find the means to dress, feed, treat, educate and shelter the new responsibility on her own. It is not […]

I threw my life away to Marijuana and alcohol!

By: [email protected] “Life is what we make it,” a saying goes but many youth today lack proper guidance from parents or experts to be able to make better choices. LinkmeUg brings you Bakaki Joseph from Ntinda Kigowa whose life started going astray while in Primary six when he started consuming alcohol and smoking Marijuana. His story will teach to value […]

Share your story with us

“I wish I met the people I know today 10 years ago, my life would be much better.” That is a saying many people in their 30s are familiar with. At linkmeUg, we learn from others and share our own life stories. Have you gone through experiences you want to share with the youth of […]

Are you keeping it safe?

Love happens but accidents like HIV, unplanned pregnancy and STIs should not. Are you keeping it safe? LinkmeUg Online media for youth

At 21, I wasn’t ready to be a father!

Sunday June 17, 2016 is fathers’ day. LinkmeUg says thumbs up for young fathers who stayed with their girl friends’ and are continuing to support them in-spite of everything. Unfortunately for some, the experiences of having a child at a very young age comes with so much pain and war between families that the relationship […]

The accident that left me in a wheel chair

By: Prossy Nyafono Probably you haven’t met the acronym T.A.P; it translates into Temporally Abled Person. This is exactly what happened to Noah Mukhwana who got a life changing accident in 2006 after his S.6 examinations. A hit and run motorist left Noah for dead and when he awoke 3 weeks later, he was told […]

Mothers’ day! Let’s talk about student mothers..

As we mark mother’s day this May, LinkmeUg is focusing on student mothers. Do you know what happens to the girls who decide not to abort their pregnancies? Their stories differ, some are thrown out of home, many dropout of school, while others never hear from their boyfriends again. Meet Sharifah Nalusiba Lule who got […]