Campus life

Why I don’t use condoms – the guys speak out!!

On 30th August 2016, the Uganda AIDS Commission released the 2015 – 2016 Uganda HIV/AIDS Progress Report which revealed at youth between 15-24 years dominated the 83,000 new infections. Condoms have proved successful at preventing HIV infections if correctly and continually used but as LinkmeUg’s Cuthbert discovered, a number of young men are not using condoms and here is […]

The accident that left me in a wheel chair

By: Prossy Nyafono Probably you haven’t met the acronym T.A.P; it translates into Temporally Abled Person. This is exactly what happened to Noah Mukhwana who got a life changing accident in 2006 after his S.6 examinations. A hit and run motorist left Noah for dead and when he awoke 3 weeks later, he was told […]

Mothers’ day! Let’s talk about student mothers..

As we mark mother’s day this May, LinkmeUg is focusing on student mothers. Do you know what happens to the girls who decide not to abort their pregnancies? Their stories differ, some are thrown out of home, many dropout of school, while others never hear from their boyfriends again. Meet Sharifah Nalusiba Lule who got […]

Violence in young people’s relationships

Don’t tolerate any violence in your relationship; it leads to serious injuries, shame, more violence, or death and long jail sentences in long run. As LinkmeUg, we condemn violence among young couples regardless of whether it’s from the ladies or the gents. Choose dialogue instead of violence.

Freedom at the university is just an illusion…

As a child we always wanted to grow up fast, but now I realize that incomplete homework and broken toys were far better than unfulfilled dreams and the world beyond. As I grew, so did my tensions and responsibilities. Well this cannot define the difference between school life and college life but provides me a […]

Happy Father’s day to young fathers who didn’t disappear…

21st June is Father’s Day this year and LinkmeUG recognizes all “accidental fathers” who have not disappeared but stayed and supported their girlfriends despite the hard times. You are a real man for standing up to those who judge or laugh at you for staying and your child will grow to adore you. Your position […]

Lecturers stress me

Sentumbwe Collin MUK B.A. Arts Literature / Linguistics University can be stressing, but nothing beats the lecturers. They will ask you to write an article and will then criticize you about how little you know about writing an article and how you are wasting your parents’ hard-earned money. So, you ask for pointers on better […]