Apply for Scholarships in Germany

A group of diverse students outside

SCHOLARSHIPS AND FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES WITH GAI ON LINKME.CO.UG LinkmeUg brings youths opportunities for funding, scholarships, training and information in order to take informed decisions. It is an honour to link Ugandan youths to organizations and persons with information, opportunities and resources that they can benefit from. The German Academic Institute is a non-profit making organization, […]

Want to be Uganda’s next big musician, start with the right song!

The secret to entering Uganda’s music industry is a good song and the right voice for it. Such a song will hit every radio station and get concert organizers looking for you. LinkmeUG spoke to Daniel Nelson Wamala, the CEO and chief producer at Deevibes Entertainment about how young people interested in the music industry […]

Uganda’s film industry is rising, wanna join? Here’s how…

Have you dreamt of acting, the spot light, action? Don’t let your dream pass by. It’s never too late to go into acting but, you have to start somewhere. And what is good about acting is that there is a role for any age provided you are willing to work hard at it. LinkmeUG spoke […]

How I got 3 scholarships through my education.

Have you tried accessing international scholarships or do you think it is a waste of time? Today, you meet someone who has benefited from not 1 but 3 scholarships, 2 from Germany and 1 from United Kingdom. Name: Herbert Lubega Subjects studied at S.6 Course: Physics, economics, mathematics, Art and craft. What was your child […]

From software Engineering to ICT company owner

This week meet Frank Opolot…a Software Engineer; running his own ICT Company. He walks us through his career from S.6 to where he is today. He chose to go to an institute instead of a university. How did that shape his life? Name: frank opolot Age [25-28] S.6: MEG/ART Higher education: A Leading institute of […]

I knew I wanted more – Racheal Nantale

  If there is a hard job in Uganda, it is finding a job. So if you have one, help us find one too. LinkmeUG brings you the experience of everyday people and the many jobs they have done, how they got them and why they left or stayed in those jobs. This week, we […]

Why companies insist on experience:The HR explains

As a job hunter, every time you lay your hands on a News paper, you quickly jump to the pages with job adverts. As you turn the pages, you pray that this is the beginning of the end of your search. So quickly you pull out a note book to apply for that assistant’s position. […]