Qualifying for a job after you get it

In Uganda, it’s not unusual for you to get a job you have no knowledge about. What with the “technical who” or the many degree courses that take our youth no where. If your family friend or a relative helps you off the street you need to get the right skills and training to keep that job and start […]

Literacy Day – employers’ complaints about young workers and solutions

September 8th is International Literacy Day observed by all UN member states like Uganda. It is a global celebration of literacy and it’s importance to individuals, communities and societies. LinkmeUg is focusing on the literacy ability of today’s job seekers. Literacy is not just the ability to read, speak, write and understand but also your knowledge of a particular […]

Youth need to be honest to keep a job with me!!

Africa is battling youth unemployment; a problem needing numerous solutions. LinkmeUg is part of the solutions, making youth better employees, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship through information. One of the obvious ways Uganda’s unemployment can be solved is for the employed Ugandans to start up enterprises and employ the so many energetic and talented young people. […]

When your first degree is another’s choice…

Public Universities have reopened and once again we have thousands of year one students hoping that a university degree can shape their career better. Sadly, some are studying daddy’s or mummy’s degree; sometimes you have no option because you can’t pay your tuition for a different course.  However, that is no the end of your […]

As you await graduation, are you employable?

The 2 month internship is done and as you await graduation, you are probably calling as many people as possible to get you a job. Remember, you don’t have the experience or the papers to look for a job. Is it possible to get a job without your university/college certificate? Yes it is; most fresh […]

We train youth to employ others – UMCAT Director on careers in Journalism

By: Prossy Nyafono LinkmeUg encourages you to look into your interests before you enroll for higher education. Find out what skills that diploma or degree is giving you; Uganda’s high unemployment dictates that you should enroll for a course that gives you skills to employ yourself. One of the ways to self-employment is through a […]

Every new graduate should be a sales person

By Prossy Nyafono I have met so many young people who move from company to company dropping off applications and CVs which mention no job experience except the 2 months of internship and luckily a responsibility at church. I recommend you go into marketing. Marketing is promoting the services or products of a company, call […]

At the interview: Tell us about yourself!

There are usually several steps to getting a formal job. First is the application, then the aptitude tests, followed by practical test for some jobs and finally the interview. The job interview is a crucial part of a person’s job search because it’s an opportunity for the employer to meet you and relate your test […]

How to get employed while at campus

By: [email protected] Being at university doesn’t exempt you from employment as one can juggle both work and studies. Meet 22 year Augustine Olowo who got his firs job as a student. What did you study at campus and which year was that? Augustine: At university I studied a bachelor degree in computer science and technology […]

Turn your internship into a full time job – LinkmeUg

By: Prossy Nyafono It is that time again when universities send out their students to organizations to gain experience. If you take your time to search for the right company, your internship could lead to a short time contract or a full time job.  It begins with finding the right place, making a good impression […]