Challenges Worldwide is recruiting Volunteers.

Challenges Worldwide is an educational charity organization which delivers support to social businesses through volunteers. LinkmeUg caught up with Nicola Smith – the Country Program Manager, and a team from the organization on how and why youth should volunteer with Challenges Worldwide. Who can volunteer with Challenges Worldwide? Nicola: Volunteers should be 18-25years and team leaders […]

UMCAT Media School April-May intake on

UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass Communication continues to invest in its future, that of its students and alumni. This time, Uganda’s Leading Journalism Institution is proud to announce more vacancies in the April/May 2017 intake. 50 more admissions have been added for students passionate about Journalism. The move is intended to give more room to […]

Dropping off an application? Here’s a check list

Beside being an outline of your educational and professional background, a Curriculum Vitae paints a true and positive picture of who you are, influences the decision to put you on the short list and is a tool to present your experience, skills, abilities, and qualifications. Today on the HR speaks we share the CV check […]

Aisha Namiiro, the UMCAT product in Boston.

  UMCAT is Uganda’s first and leading Media school training seasoned journalists for press, broadcast, and multimedia. Go around any media house in Uganda and you will be impressed by the work UMCAT products produce in the field, in the Newsroom, editing suits and on the airwaves. One of these products is Aisha Namiiro a […]

Need Handson training? Go to SmartUp Factory

  Uganda’s youth need not just information but also places to shape and grow ideas. LinkmeUg brings you an incubation center under Plan International – SmartUp Factory. Located in Kawempe – Kampala, Gulu, Alebtong, Kamuli and Tororo, this is a project aiming at creating an enabling environment for young people to be empowered to be […]

Learning a music instrument to earn a living

There are many paths to choose from in the music career and playing an instrument is one of them. If you don’t have the opportunity to learn from a church, a music school is the best option. LinkmeUg interfaced with Denis Nuwagaba of Uganda Music Academy who says age doesn’t matter with music. A child […]

How to start and run a band like Ivuga

If you are pursuing a career in music you may want to consider joining a band to share the cost, practice your skills and also be able to rely on each other to market your skills. LinkmeUg previously covered a story on how to get your music produced in a studio Today we bring […]

Don’t drop school for music – Producer advises.

LinkmeUg acknowledges the great talent Uganda’s youth have in Music, sports and other arts and we bring you information on how to tap into those talents and earn a living. This Feb, LinkmeUg Career brings you info on how to channel your music passion and talent into a career even if you are employed. We […]

How to be a young marketer.

Meet Mahad Katongole 24, currently awaiting graduation with a Bachelors’ Degree in Tourism from K.I.U. Mahad is not folding his hands  waiting for a job with 2 million salary to drop from heaven, he is trying out the sales and marketing work with Vodafone. On life as a young Marketer. Mahad: Life is not as […]

How to be a working student

  Having a part-time job while studying is a dream come true for many youth. Though the problem comes to what kind of job can one do while still pursuing his/her course at campus. LinkmeUg’s Cuthbert Kigozi spoke to Ms. Priscilla Nyachwo a Human Resource officer who shared some ideas on the kinds of jobs […]