How I got a Job

How I got a job with the Emirates

  Thousands of Ugandan youth are job hunting but the idea of applying for an Airline job does not easily come to us. LinkmeUg spoke to Faith Irene Ikiring, an airport Customer Service Agent with the Emirates about her job. First we asked how she ended up with the Emirates. Faith: I was a sales […]

Kingdom TV’s Nakalema on UMCAT Media School

Nakalema Grace also known as Nakline Grace is a Radio & Television Presenter, News anchor, & Reporter and the CEO of Life Touch Foundation Uganda. Grace is a former student of UMCAT school of Journalism and she shared her experience with LinkmeUg’s Johnson Thembo. Grace: In 2014, when I was looking through a number of journalism schools […]

How to be a young marketer.

Meet Mahad Katongole 24, currently awaiting graduation with a Bachelors’ Degree in Tourism from K.I.U. Mahad is not folding his hands  waiting for a job with 2 million salary to drop from heaven, he is trying out the sales and marketing work with Vodafone. On life as a young Marketer. Mahad: Life is not as […]

How to get employed while at campus

By: [email protected] Being at university doesn’t exempt you from employment as one can juggle both work and studies. Meet 22 year Augustine Olowo who got his firs job as a student. What did you study at campus and which year was that? Augustine: At university I studied a bachelor degree in computer science and technology […]

Turn your internship into a full time job – LinkmeUg

By: Prossy Nyafono It is that time again when universities send out their students to organizations to gain experience. If you take your time to search for the right company, your internship could lead to a short time contract or a full time job.  It begins with finding the right place, making a good impression […]

The life of a Ugandan graduate working as a guard in Abu Dhabi.

After graduating from Kyambogo University in 2013,  Maxwell [not real name] looked for a job for over a year. When he failed, he decided to contact a friend in Abu Dhabi [U.A.E] and today works as a security guard for a drilling company. Maxwell shared his story with LinkmeUg. LinkmeUg: Why did you leave Uganda? […]

I got a job before graduation

By [email protected] In today’s competitive job market, effectively showcasing your knowledge and skills to an employer is critical in seeking and sustaining employment. LinkmeUg talked to 23 year old Faisal Wampande who managed to get a job right after campus even before his graduation day in January 2016. He has been at Quality Assurance Chemist […]

I knew I wanted more – Racheal Nantale

  If there is a hard job in Uganda, it is finding a job. So if you have one, help us find one too. LinkmeUG brings you the experience of everyday people and the many jobs they have done, how they got them and why they left or stayed in those jobs. This week, we […]