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What to look out for at the WhatNext Event Sept 2, 2017

WhatNext is the youth career shaping and Life planning event happening on Saturday 2nd September 2017 at Nakawa MUBS from 8am. It’s been organized by LinkmeUg, Daraja Plus Ltd in partnership with NBS. Look out for: Career shaping with; Charles Ocici on What youth should be studying today to escape the high unemployment. Ronnie Hakiza […]

Challenges Worldwide is recruiting Volunteers.

Challenges Worldwide is an educational charity organization which delivers support to social businesses through volunteers. LinkmeUg caught up with Nicola Smith – the Country Program Manager, and a team from the organization on how and why youth should volunteer with Challenges Worldwide. Who can volunteer with Challenges Worldwide? Nicola: Volunteers should be 18-25years and team leaders […]

Aisha Namiiro, the UMCAT product in Boston.

  UMCAT is Uganda’s first and leading Media school training seasoned journalists for press, broadcast, and multimedia. Go around any media house in Uganda and you will be impressed by the work UMCAT products produce in the field, in the Newsroom, editing suits and on the airwaves. One of these products is Aisha Namiiro a […]

Learning a music instrument to earn a living

There are many paths to choose from in the music career and playing an instrument is one of them. If you don’t have the opportunity to learn from a church, a music school is the best option. LinkmeUg interfaced with Denis Nuwagaba of Uganda Music Academy who says age doesn’t matter with music. A child […]

How to start and run a band like Ivuga

If you are pursuing a career in music you may want to consider joining a band to share the cost, practice your skills and also be able to rely on each other to market your skills. LinkmeUg previously covered a story on how to get your music produced in a studio Today we bring […]

Don’t drop school for music – Producer advises.

LinkmeUg acknowledges the great talent Uganda’s youth have in Music, sports and other arts and we bring you information on how to tap into those talents and earn a living. This Feb, LinkmeUg Career brings you info on how to channel your music passion and talent into a career even if you are employed. We […]

When your first degree is another’s choice…

Public Universities have reopened and once again we have thousands of year one students hoping that a university degree can shape their career better. Sadly, some are studying daddy’s or mummy’s degree; sometimes you have no option because you can’t pay your tuition for a different course.  However, that is no the end of your […]

We train youth to employ others – UMCAT Director on careers in Journalism

By: Prossy Nyafono LinkmeUg encourages you to look into your interests before you enroll for higher education. Find out what skills that diploma or degree is giving you; Uganda’s high unemployment dictates that you should enroll for a course that gives you skills to employ yourself. One of the ways to self-employment is through a […]

Uganda’s film industry is rising, wanna join? Here’s how…

Have you dreamt of acting, the spot light, action? Don’t let your dream pass by. It’s never too late to go into acting but, you have to start somewhere. And what is good about acting is that there is a role for any age provided you are willing to work hard at it. LinkmeUG spoke […]

How I got 3 scholarships through my education.

Have you tried accessing international scholarships or do you think it is a waste of time? Today, you meet someone who has benefited from not 1 but 3 scholarships, 2 from Germany and 1 from United Kingdom. Name: Herbert Lubega Subjects studied at S.6 Course: Physics, economics, mathematics, Art and craft. What was your child […]