Artists in HIV-testing drive ahead of World AIDS Day

According to UNAIDS, 2 adolescent girls are infected with HIV every hour in Uganda and yet HIV testing is still very low. Experts say testing helps get more people on treatment and keeps others in check.

But how do you get more youth to come out and test?

How about a song? 3 upcoming artists have teamed up with Eve Nakato, a youth living positively with HIV to rally peers to go testing and seek medical attention if found positive.

The  Genda Wekebeze AIDS project is by Tai-tan, Fyona Sparkle & Truth.

Tai-tan, the brain behind the song and others like Joweria says, “I chat with many youth who don’t know their status because they are reluctant about testing so I came up with this song to sensitive youth about the importance of HIV testing.”

He hopes the song will inspire youth to test during the 1st Dec world AIDS Day.


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