What to look out for at the WhatNext Event Sept 2, 2017

WhatNext is the youth career shaping and Life planning event happening on Saturday 2nd September 2017 at Nakawa MUBS from 8am. It’s been organized by LinkmeUg, Daraja Plus Ltd in partnership with NBS.

Look out for:

Career shaping with;

  • Charles Ocici on What youth should be studying today to escape the high unemployment.
  • Ronnie Hakiza – Founder Uga-Bus: how you can make money from an App or Website
  • Barbra Busingye – Enterprise Uganda: How you and your college mates can start a business and how to add value to your parents’ business.
  • Peter Otai – Opportunities in the growing sports industry of Uganda.

Life planning and Skills

  • Joan Mugenzi – Founder Imagine Me: Living a life with purpose
  • Fagil Mandy – Life skills & Self Esteem
  • Isaac Kigozi – Why and how to make a life plan

Financial Literacy with Amarin Financial Group

  • Raising funds for Higher education
  • Setting your financial priorities right
  • How to save as a group or individually

At the LinkmeUg tent – Ms. Priscilla Nyachwo – HRM on:

  • CV and cover letter format
  • Learn how to get a job without experience.
  • How to prepare for and succeed at an interview.
  • Turning internships into jobs

Don’t miss the LinkmeUg volunteer Program registration and pick your WhatNext sticker.

You can’t afford to miss the WhatNext event.

Artists Present: Irene Ntale, Nutty Nathan, Fille, Vamposs, Latinum, and Nelly Sade

There will also be free sodas and airtime for everyone.



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