WhatsApp is selling like a hotcake.

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  • Posted: August 20, 2017
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With over 1.2billion people worldwide are using the app has not become complacent but keeps the competition on its toes by releasing new features every few weeks.

The dawn of 2017 saw the overhauled WhatsApp status (aping the Snapchat), as if that wasn’t enough more changes continued to follow and here are some of the changes.

  1. New revamped Snapchat-like status feature.
    This is one of the most important updates. The new status feature was rolled out to all users globally in February. The status feature replaced the old text form of status to allow users change photos that will automatically disappear in 24hours. This feature was rolled out to combat Snapchat competition.
  2. Media sharing limit increased to 30.
    The media limit was first at 10 but was increased to 30 an act which was warmly welcomed by all the app users. WhatsApp being one of the primary media platforms for sharing photos and videos after or during an event, get-together or any social event made it so appealing to the users.
  3. In-app YouTube playback
    WhatsApp is also testing a feature that allows users to play YouTube videos within the app which means one can be able to play videos without switching it off.

The videos can either be viewed  picture-in-picture mode or full screen mode. One can also browse through other messages inside the same WhatsApp chat , or choose to hide the video.

Notably, the video playback doesn’t continue when you change the chat. But the feature is still only available for iPhone 6 users and later models.

  1. The Recall and Revoke Feature.
    This feature is important because it let’s one recall sent messages in a chat app. The feature in many possible forms allows users to recall or “unsend” messages that have been sent to their contacts or even edit them. For now, it’s on some iPhones and WhatsApp Website.

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