Passionate about fashion? Dove arts and Design will give you the skills.

Are you in business, management, tourism, social work, a student, jobless youth or in any other profession? Would you love to acquire practical entrepreneurship skills in jewelry design, fashion or interior design? LinkmeUg brings you Dove arts and Design, a center to help you start a business.

Many of us have talents and passions lying idle because we started off in other careers. However in Uganda, you need more than one income to live comfortably and achieve your dreams.

Those hidden talents can be polished until you have a business large enough for you to quit your job. This is what Ms. Spranza Nakuya director – Dove arts and Design helps you achieve. LinkmeUg interviewed her at her training center at Equatorial Mall on Bombo Road.

Spranza: Dove arts and Design began in 2009 aiming at helping people start businesses in art and fashion. We are here to help people looking for a business idea, S.4 & S.6 vacists and jobless youth both graduates and others to find employment through fashion. Some people come to simply improve their homes and personal fashion.

We train;

  • Interior design
  • Fashion design [Women & Bridal wear]
  • Accessory design
  • Shoe Design
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Beauty make up
  • Fabric Designing

Training in fashion designing.

Spranza: My first degree was in Industrial and Fine Art from Margret Trowel – MUK, I then attended a certificate in Interior design with Kyambogo University. I later got a Masters’ Degree In Art and Industrial Design from Kyambogo where I specialized in textile. From time to time I attend short courses from the London College of fashion in Dubai.

Is fashion a talent or skill?

Spranza: Passion drives us into everything, I have dealt with learners who had never drawn anything but had passion and a source of inspiration. Dove arts and Design gives you the skills but passion, creativity and originality drive this industry.

Is a fashion designer a tailor?

Spranza: A designer originates the idea and then a tailor makes it. Dove arts and Design is about deciding what the fabric will look like, the attire to make using it, the corresponding jewelry, shoes and bag. Basically we train you on how to design the entire appearance of a person.

How viable is fashion and interior design?

People dress and use accessories every day, have homes and offices to design; the market is big and Spranza alone can’t fill it. I am passionate about skilling people in designing to start their own businesses.

Options after Dove

Spranza: We focus on their source of inspiration and passion. When the learner has decided, we focus on what they can produce, help them register their company, a logo, branding and customer care. We also buy works from our students to inspire them.


  1. Interior Design – 650,000/= [2 months]
  2. Fashion Design – Women’s wear 550,000/= [2 months]
  3. Accessory and jewelry design – 500,000/=[2 months]
  4. Beauty make up – 380,000/= [2 weeks] Starting Dec 2017
  5. Bridal Wear Design – coming in January 2018
  6. Shoe designing – coming in January 2018

These short courses are taught Tuesday – Saturday in morning/afternoon sessions to suit your schedule. Dove arts and Design provides 50% of the material used.


Dove Arts & Design is located at Equatorial Mall Opp Watoto Church

Room 627

Tel: +256772 459019 [WhatsApp]

+256701 459090

Email: [email protected]

Students studying other courses are also welcome to develop forgotten talent.