Samsung launches Galaxy Note Fun Edition (FE)

If anyone thought that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phone which caught fire last year and forced a recall was equivalent to putting the foot on the throat of the company, they should wait for this Sunday 7th July 2017 which will be the final rebirth of the device with the Galaxy Note Fun Edition (FE).

Here are the modifications;

  • The battery which caused explosions has been enhanced with multiple safety designs.
  • The handset is a refurbished version of the discontinued Galaxy Note 7 and uses parts from unused handset.
  • Samsung has upgraded Google Android software that runs on the device to give it an interface similar to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ – it’s the firm’s current flagship device.
  • The Note FE will also be getting Bixby – Samsung’s smart assistant that rivals the Apple’s Siri.
  • Other key features include fingerprints sensor, Stylus, eye scanner and it’s water proof.
  • Samsung hopes the Note FE also appeals to fans with its large screen.

By Solomon Mwesigwa 


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