Generation Next: Meet Laftaz Dj – Uniq Dray

LinkmeUg brings you Daniel Drabo also known as Dj Uniq Dray; a young talented DJ at Laftaz and Trendz bars. Daniel’s passion goes back to High school proms and birthday parties.

Daniel attended Tropical high school, Kabalagala for O’ level and World Ahead S.S for A’ level. He is currently at Kyambogo University studying for a degree in Agribusiness.

How did you get to work at top bars?

Daniel: I play as Laftaz on Monday since February 2017 and Trendz on Saturday since November last year. I got those gigs through friends who work there and I am not attached to a company. My jobs pay me well for now.

How do you juggle studies and the DJ work?
Daniel: Aaahh… that’s very easy for me because I study during the day play at night. During the holiday, I totally concentrate on music.

Family back ground.
  I am the third born in a family of two elder sisters and two younger brothers. My parents were not so happy about my job at first but with time, they have come to accept it.

Challenges that come with being a DJ
At times we face pressure from artists who want DJs to play their music all the time even when you are playing a different genre of music. The DJ world also requires connections. If you are not very well connected, you may not get good gigs.

But my worst experience was when my laptop and phone were stolen from my rental in April this year, it gave me a real setback. Although I replaced the gadgets, I am yet to replace all the music I had.

What has been your most overwhelming moment since you joined the industry?
That was when Ali Brezzy and I made 5M in a week.  But over time, I have been able to pay my tuition, rent and daily bills.

What inspires you?
I want to keep up with the changing technological advancements in our industry. Am greatly inspired by my Uncle Milton Ondoma, he’s a technology fanatic.

By Solomon Mwesigwa


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