Meet Aziz Saidi, the rising boxer

Uganda has had considerable boxing representation internationally and a number of young people are grooming for this glory. LinkmeUg’s Solomon Mwesigwa brings you Aziz Saidi Baluku a young boxer who is hopeful that he will one day represent Uganda at the common wealth and Olympics.

What is your history with boxing?

Aziz:  I started boxing at 10 while in my primary four in Bombo and I picked interest from my father and brothers who are now in the UPDF. But besides boxing, I engage in martial arts, kick boxing and Taekwondo.

I also drew inspiration and boxing skills from Banabana my friend and Paul Ogwal for kick boxing. But on the whole, my father and family keep me motivated to keep on boxing.


Aziz: Because of financial challenges, I didn’t sit for my Form 4 but given the opportunity, I would love to continue and even attain a diploma and degree. In the meantime I take on any opportunity that avails itself.

What’s the work-out schedule of a boxer like you?

Aziz: My road work starts at 5am and ends at 7am; after breakfast I hit the gym at 8:30am and end that at 1pm. After a heavy lunch I head back to gym.

What have you benefited from this hard work?

Aziz: I was able to quit drugs, make great friends, and most of all join the Police boxing team and payroll. But you have to give it time, persistence and prayers. I have also traveled to Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania where I won medals.

Do you have a problem controlling your temper?

Aziz: In 2011, I was involved in a fight which landed me in a police cell. My dad then told me that if I wanted to live long I should control myself. I now fear going to back to jail so even I realize a situation is getting out of hand, I move away as quickly as possible.

Solomon Mwesigwa


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