Why internships don’t turn into jobs


It’s that time of the year again when thousands of students from institutes of higher learning go for internship. If you got yourself into a company with vacant positions, you need to prove that you can fill those positions.

LinkmeUg caught up with Ms. Priscilla Nyachwo, a Human Resource Officer with Brac Uganda on how to turn internship into a job.

Ms. Nyachwo: Many youth leaving school luck the expected work ethics and that’s why an intern leaves a company and someone else is hired to do the same job. This is what employers want.

  • Take your internship/job seriously, pay attention to what you do for the company. Arrive early and don’t be in a rush to leave in the evening. Don’t waste your time on social media, watching movies, chatting and the like.
  • Avoid being wasteful in the company, business is about minimizing costs. Handle equipment with care; don’t waste company airtime, stationery or assets in your possession.
  • Be creative in your position. Help in finding solutions to the problems around the company. Employers want a resourceful person.
  • Simple courtesy or call it good manners are important. Greet other people, pay attention when others are talking to you, and be respectful of everyone in the organization.
  • Have people skills. Employers want a person who can get along with others in a team.
  • Follow company regulations to the dot no matter what employees in the company tell you.

Good luck on turning your internship into a job.


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