Education should empower youth to change Africa – Marcel Koomson


Marcel Koomson is a Project Coordinator with Challenges Worldwide – an organization that works with volunteers to improve Small and Medium sized businesses in Uganda and Africa. LinkmeUg engaged him on how Africa’s youth can change Africa.

Marcel: No one but the Africans is going to help Africa change. Young people must have that sense of purpose and believe that they can change their countries. Education should not be about passing grades but teaching young people about being creative and innovative. Youth should be asking, “What problems are in my country and how can I contribute to solving them?”

Youth need to come together and have a sense of purpose. It starts with us feeling empowered and understanding that no one is going to change the community except us. Having policies that young people are not a part of does not work.

About Aid in Africa

Marcel: Aid is not a bad thing if put into the right sectors. It can help get us get skills and finally to a point where these skills can help us improve themselves.

You need a balance of skills and aid and with time Aid will reduce. As Africans become more creative, aid will reduce and we can be self-relying.

By Prossy Nyafono

Online Media for youth

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