Finally we have water proof wireless earphones

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  • Posted: April 19, 2017
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Do you love crisp clear music through ear phones? Do you work out long enough to drench in your own sweat? Then the new water proof Sol Republic Amps Air wireless ear buds are here to free you from any cables or neckbands that might restrict your movements.

The Amps Air wireless ear buds are a wearable technology that fits in your ears. Their sound comes with immense deep bass, amazing clarity and detailed highs that one normally hears in large or high end headphones.

Not only do they have a good connectivity, the devices are sweat and rain resistant. Even in the ‘sweatiest’ of work outs or wet conditions the Amps Air will keep playing.

For Amps Air wireless ear buds can connect to as far as fifty meters distance without any disturbances or change in sound unlike other devices.

The Amps Air battery is pretty solid as it can provide you up to three (3) hours of play time per charge which means it can take you through a 42km marathon nonstop compared to other wireless devices/headphones know for their notoriously bad batteries.

To add up to the strength of the battery, the device has got a portable charger that doubles as a smart phone charger with an inbuilt 220mAh battery with a USB port.

The sleek travel case with built-in battery recharges the Amps Air ear bud more than 15 times for more than 45 hours of play time.

The sophisticated ear buds that are in colors of jet black, rose blue, deep blue and rich teal have got super quality sound which is far than the wired ear phones.

Lastly the Amps Air has a built in microphone for answering calls and multi-functional button play/pause your music and double tap for Siri and google.

Talk of awesome!!

By Solomon Mutebi


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