Dropping off an application? Here’s a check list


Beside being an outline of your educational and professional background, a Curriculum Vitae paints a true and positive picture of who you are, influences the decision to put you on the short list and is a tool to present your experience, skills, abilities, and qualifications.

Today on the HR speaks we share the CV check list before you hand it in.

  • Spelling and grammar errors – pay attention to the words in capital.
  • Avoid copying the advert verbatim.
  • Do not print on decorative paper or you will not be taken seriously.
  • Are you listing tasks rather than results from your former work places? Employers want to know how you executed your duties not just what you did.
  • Font inconsistencies will land your CV in the trash if the company is strict.
  • Is your CV tailored to job? This calls for you to always edit your CV to the job advert.
  • Vague objectives/profile will not get you on a short list. Make sure your profile is easy to follow and makes sense.
  • Misleading or over exaggerating your accomplishments is a turn off for employers.
  • Photos: do not attach a photo unless particularly requested for. Having a photo attached may get employers biased against you.
  • Check the layout, have you been consistent?
  • Concise (Remember first impressions are everything) Wordy and length presentations are not pleasant and will be trashed if many applications are submitted.
  • Be honest; don’t list inaccurate or misleading information.

Good luck on that job.


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