Why your CBO is not finding donors

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  • Posted: March 28, 2017
  • Author: linkmeUg

Are you a young person passionate about voluntary work and impacting your community? LinkmeUg caught up with an NGO expert in an organization that improves the well being of vulnerable people in Africa through offering technical advice to organizations mainly focusing on child rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, women’s rights and the rights of persons with disabilities.

First we asked about who should set up an NGO and why.

Lutaaya: NGOs are about service not making a living from donations. It’s about the beneficiaries. What are you doing for them? Before you register that NGO, ask yourself, “Am I really a volunteer?

Which kind of NGOs can youth start today?

Lutaaya: There is nothing new but how you do what you do makes it new. Look at your target group and look at their needs. There is a lot of information, pick out what works for you.

How do I to get funds for my NGO?

Lutaaya: Once upon a time donors trusted us but we broke that trust because many people were dishonest, misappropriated donations and in some cases intended beneficiaries did not benefit at all. So here are tips.

  • Make a personal name and be known for your values. Donations will come
  • Don’t try to impress donors by exaggerating projects.
  • Be honest with your proposals, donors ask around.
  • Don’t hide any information – good or bad. Donors know that long time visions will not be smooth all the way.
  • Set targets with the donor.
  • Donors want to see functional systems in your organization.

There is a misconception that all funds should come from outside the country but that is not so; Ugandans too can support your vision.

Why do NGOs lose donors?

Lutaaya: Some people say, “Let them give us money and leave us alone.” That is wrong because however little, it is their money; they could have used it for something.

  • Donors want impact. Instead of wasting time trying to make sure the funds balance with fake receipts, you should be doing what you told the donor you would do.
  • Do what you said you would do, don’t use the funds to solve personal or other organizational problems.
  • Some NGO directors ‘plant’ beneficiaries who even stammer when the donor asks questions they were not prepared for.
  • Tell the donor if part of the funds will help your team implement the project.

Why is it taking me long to find a donor?

Lutaaya: There is no particular formula but probably just haven’t been noticed yet, be patient.

  • Attend any seminar or workshop relating to your field and talk about your organization. Don’t undermine any opportunity.
  • Have documents that demonstrate what you do.
  • Visit similar organizations.
  • Be a person of integrity

According to Lutaaya, every donation counts and many donors start by giving small amounts. These increase depending on the impact created and accountability of the directors.

Find more info on funds –http://linkme.co.ug/2017/03/visit-deniva-to-find-funds-for-your-ngo/

By Prossy Nyafono


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