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  • Posted: March 22, 2017
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Starting a CBO or NGO takes passion for community and the will to do voluntary work. However, with time the work needs support and the search for funds begins. LinkmeUg has interacted with young people with such dreams and are looking for a break through with funds.

We caught up with Fredrick Olinga the program officer – Civil society strengthening with Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Association – DENIVA a non-profit making network of Ugandan Non Governmental and Community Based Organizations.

First we asked about the types of organizations under DENIVA and how this Network helps them.

Fredrick: DENIVA has over 900 NGOs and CBOs from all categories. We are not an implementing organization, our work is to find funds and give them to the different members depending on their location and what they do.

We also build capacity of our members through partnerships like that with MS TCDC a Training Centre for Development Cooperation in Eastern and Southern Africa located in Arusha Tanzania  We send 60 members from different organizations for training on a monthly basis. This training is basically for institutional building, governance and finance.

Which kind of organizations can join DENIVA?

Fredrick: All sectors are welcome, women, education, community dev’t, agriculture, water and sanitation, food security, disability, children local governance, poverty, human rights, name it.

Which kind of NGO is most likely to get funds?

Fredrick: It depends on the funds available, every donor has their own interest; a UN Women fund for example will target organizations that work with women particularly. Sometimes funds are location driven; if a funder wants to implement projects in a particular part of Uganda, DENIVA will look at the partners in those districts and give them the funds.

Qualifications to join DENIVA

Fredrick: The organization must;

  • Be fully registered either at district, regional or national level.
  • Should have activities for at least 2 years.
  • Annual report for the 2 years.
  • Have a geographical location; office space is tricky particularly for beginning CBOs/NGOs. Beginners can use their homes. We visit your offices before our board approves your membership with us.
  • List of staff and members.
  • Recommendation from your board to join DENIVA.

How DENIVA works

Fredrick: We tell each funder how we work; that is through implementing organizations, we then show them our agreement with the said organizations and when the money comes, we give it to these organizations to implement the project. Before you benefit from a project, we visit your offices.


Fredrick: Interested CBOs/ NGOs should go to our website  where they will find an icon on membership and download our application fee. We need details about your organization and all are treated equally.

Registration is at 100,000/= and annual subscription ranges from 60,000/= to 250,000/= depending on the organization category.


DENIVA – Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations

Makerere – Kagugube Zone Opp Law Development Centre

Tel: 256414 530575 / 540189

Email: [email protected]



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