Welcome the Smart Nokia 3310

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  • Posted: March 20, 2017
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The beloved and most iconic Nokia 3310 that defined a generation and sold more than 126 million phones has made a grand come back after 17 years with up-to-date technology.

  • Depending on usage, the device battery can last up to a whole month without the need to connect to a charger. The need for a daily smart-phone charge is a modern-day night mare.
  • The Nokia 3310 can connect to internet at a 2.5G connectivity – which is slower than 3G or 4G which allows browsing but has a smaller range of apps compared to Android’s.
  • The highly improved device has a single camera that is restricted to two megapixels.
  • For game lovers, the device comes with a modernized version of the classic game snake preinstalled among others.
  • The Nokia 3310 comes with a 16MB internal storage and the micro SD expansion – a thing smart-phones manufacturer’s still dream of.
  • The device is pocket-friendly just like fashion dictates; our jeans are growing Skinnier and tighter, it’s footprint is much smaller thanks to a sub-sized 2.4mm.
  • The device supports traditional cabled headphones and bluetooth connectivity which allows you listen to music on the move without wireless interference.

By Solomon Mutebi


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