Generation next: Meet Mwebaze Patricia

Personal Life.

Patricia Mwebaze is the last born of 7 siblings. Her parents are Mr. Tuhamyomujuni Elsam Zadoch and Mrs. Faith Tuhamyomujuni.

She studied at Light Angels Nursery and Primary school, Secondary at Light College  Katikamu and Mpoma school. Patricia is a graduate of Makerere University with a Bachelor’s of commerce.

What inspired you into Music?

Patricia: As a child, my mother used to teach me songs and I would sin them on general assembly at school. This way back in primary 3

Family support

Patricia: My dad and mum have been so supportive of my music. From childhood they  allowed me attend music practices whenever I had to.

Family also funds my recording and they even promote it for sales.

What Projects have you done?

Patricia: I sing gospel music and have recorded 5 songs so far. I recorded my first song – Emiranga Mingi- while in my S.6 vacation. It was producer Stuart at Sound Records.


  • Nsazewo Nkusinze
  • Omukwano Gwo by Artin Pro M One Records
  • Byanta Dda and
  • Ngoma Nnene by producer John Mary of M One Records.


Achievements So far?

Patricia: Through music, I have gained confidence, favor, friends, fans and a sense of belonging. I have also gained more skills, from the experience itself. I now can back up songs of every Kind, I sing in a band, worship team, compose  good music. Currently I sing solo and am in Raising Worship band with  Pastor Twina  Herbert .

New Projects?

Patricia: I plan to shoot two videos and 3 audio songs this year.

What’s yours take on Uganda’s music industry?

Patricia: Uganda’s music is improving at a high rate because many up comings artists are talented and there are also advancements in music production.

Advice to other upcoming Musicians

Patricia: I would advise upcoming artists not to copy others but to do what God instilled in them. Every one has a unique potential. Discover your abilities first and develop them to be better.

By Titus muhwezi


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