The Apple 9.7 inch

Apple literally broke the mold for its tablet range with the gigantic 12.9 inch iPad pro, but now it has returned with a smaller magnificent 9.7 inch version.

  • Much like the also announced iPhone SE, it’s something of a ‘classic’, putting the internals from the 12.9 inch iPad pro into a familiar 9.7 inch casing.
  • However, Apple has added several improvements to the smaller version, creating a tablet that is astonishingly powerful, and unlike its big brother, something you will be able to carry it everywhere.
  • The 9.7 inch iPad pro has a new True Tone display which uses new sensors built into the casing to dynamically adjust the white balance of the display to the light around you.
  • What this means is that colors will look more natural, even more so than the larger iPad, and you can switch it on and off to check, with the display looking generally more natural with the future switched on.

Compared to the iPad Air 2, the 9.7 inch is also 25% brighter and 40% less reflective, something that does make a big difference in everyday use.

It also uses night shift in IOS 9.3 a neat feature that uses the clock and geo-location to automatically adjust the colors in the warmer end of the spectrum after dark; something Apple says may even help you get a better night sleep.

By Solomon Mutebi


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