Why are our girls bleaching?

Gone are the days when women in markets and those selling items by the road side competed in skin lightening; today, the educated, rich and poor girls (and sometimes men) are convinced that they are not beautiful enough with a dark skin.

LinkmeUg will in this month exhaustively cover this issue to discover why, how and what our young ladies are using to bleach.

LinkmeUg’s Curthbert Kigozi had a chat with different some youth on this issue.

Nakandi Winnie 22: Girls bleach because they want to look super beautiful because today Black is portrayed as ugly.

Ausi Martins 20: Guys bleach to treat their faces especially those with pimples and this goes for women as well.

Ngombi Immaculate 23:  The ladies bleach to fulfill there fantasy of looking like their role models they watch on Tv.

Gabi 20 : Ladies want to look beautiful since guys today love brown looking ladies.

Nakimuli Gorette 21: Both guys and ladies bleach to try eliminate aging spots in their faces.

Micheal katerega 24: both parties lack self esteem which at times is from the society; some people always belittle others for being ‘too black.’

Manan sheilah 20: The motive as to why girls bleach is their desire to have a European look.

Bwanika Benjamin 23: Many do it on a bandwagon, so as to fit in the society.

Is bleaching the way to beauty?

Jessica 20: If correctly done, one looks super beautiful as their new toned skin is really hot to glance at.

shonnah 21: Yes! Because men with a toned skin look handsome better than his friends; who doesn’t want a handsome guy?

Lubega Brain 24: Bleaching has never been beauty, cause its like one is going against Gods will.

Mawagi Amos 22: it might be beauty to ones with new looks but to me, it’s a swamp of diseases like cancer. I would rather stay with my Original colour.

Doreen 21: It’s beauty because one gets that European look but it’s a sign of low self-esteem in a person.

In follow up articles, LinkmeUg will bring to light the chemicals used in the skin lightening creams and their impact on your skin for you to decide if bleaching is what you really want to do.

By Curthbert Kigozi


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