From Black to bleached – The bleaching process

In our previous article  We discovered that the main cause behind bleaching is low self esteem when people think they are not beautiful enough with their dark skin.

LinkmeUg’s Curthbert Kigozi visited a renown ‘bleaching shop’ down town Kampala and today takes you through the process our girls and boys are putting their skins through to get the bleached skin you see them with months down the road.

The Process

The whole process starts with a question and answer session between client and ‘skin expert’ on what colour the client wants their skin to tune. This ‘skin expert’ is responsible for mixing different products to make a desired bleach product.

When a client walks into the shop, many women with different skin tones are presented for him/her to make a choice.

Bleach types

Super Bleach – This is the European look. This goes for 100,000/= a tin of about 200gm. The response of one’s skin determines how many tins they will use.

Medium Bleach – that turns one to a light brown skin color and each tin goes for 50,000/=

Finger and toe bleach – Body parts such as elbows and knuckles initially stood out on every bleached skin because they didn’t respond to the cosmetics used but an oily cosmetic worth 30,000/=  was introduced to bleach them too. The user scrubs the areas daily to achieve evenness with the rest of the body.

The ‘skin expert’ denied adding harmful chemicals to the cosmetics but said they use glycerine, avocado and other fruits.


  1. Bleachers purchase particular bathing soap from the shop which they use to wash all areas to be bleached.
  2. Cleansing of the body then follows. Cleansing removes oils which could make the body oily and slippery thereby affecting the effectiveness of the creams.
  3. The bleaching cosmetic is then applied on the whole body to achieve evenness.
  4. The scrubbing of the elbows and knuckles then follows.

The process is done twice a day and if correctly applied, the skin expert consulted claims it takes only two weeks for one to have a new look.

When one acquires the skin tone they like, a softer cosmetic is recommended to regularly use to maintain the new skin.

Terms and conditions

  • Direct sunshine must be avoided because it may counter the effects of the cosmetic applied. Bleachers are cautioned to use umbrellas under the direct sunshine.
  • Dusty places are out of bounds. Dust mixed with cosmetics is said to result into burning skin. A cool and moist environment is recommended for the best results.

By Curthbert Kigozi


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