How to start and run a band like Ivuga

If you are pursuing a career in music you may want to consider joining a band to share the cost, practice your skills and also be able to rely on each other to market your skills. LinkmeUg previously covered a story on how to get your music produced in a studio

Today we bring you Edmund Muyombya, a practicing dentist, keyboardist and also band manager of Ivuga.

Tell us about Ivuga band

Edmund: Ivuga is a live band turning 5 this year, started in recognition of my late high school teacher who made a great effort in teaching me how to play a piano. On his burial, my friends and I came up with Ivuga band. The name comes from a Luganda word Ebivuga which means instruments.

What Kind of Music are you doing?

Edmund: Ivuga was designed as an African oriented band doing Afro-fusion band but the market today demands more than that. They prefer a cocktail and today we play to soot the needs of the client.

What does it take to form a live band?

Edmund: You need people who love the instruments they play. You don’t have to be perfect, come together and grow together. You must all have a similar passion for music and be willing to put it the practice time it takes to sound really good, the sky will be the limit.

Must have instruments for a starting band

  1. Key board
  2. Guitar
  3. Base Guitar
  4. Jazz drums
  5. Vocalist.

Some bands choose to do music without a keyboard so it’s about creativity. But you can add many others.

  1. Saxophone
  2. Violin
  3. Trumpet
  4. Flute
  5. Percussion drums
  6. Any African instruments [Long drum, Xylophone, etc]
  7. A band can have as many singers as can be managed.

How do you get these machines?

Edmund: Music is a business, you need an investment. You need a sponsor to get good machines. Ivuga is a personal sponsorship but instruments can also be hired from people who hire out.

What does it take to join an established band?

Edmund: Every band has its principles, they could be looking for a particular singer or skill so you should know that and be good enough for them.

Should youth come looking for Edmund to join Ivuga?

Edmund: Yes sure, though Ivuga may not be able to take you on, we always know which band is looking for which skill.

Which skill is always on demand?  

Edmund: I will refer you to Moses Matovu’s statement, “At no one time should one person be more important than others.” You must be a team. But in terms of demand, keyboardists are easier to find than drummers because it’s harder to access drums to learn than a keyboard which every church has.

For a youth in school with a passion for band live music, what’s your advice?

Edmund: Start with a band having fun, bands trying to make it in music, you must be ready to give it your all.

About band music and school, join a band in your S.6 vacation and run the two simultaneously. Passion and education go hand in hand. I am a dentist who plays music; my degree gives people the confidence to work with me.

How to awaken your music passion

Edmund: If you are already working but somehow still have passion for music and want to tap into it, pick up your machine again and dust off your rustiness. A band will look for you or take you on.

How does a band make money?

Edmund: Through live events like weddings, anniversaries, conferences etc.

Can someone live off earnings from a band?   

Edmund: Yes you can, it’s your quality that sells you. Someone can play for 3 hours and earn 20,000/= while another may play for an hour and earn 800,000/= If you do this for 3 days a week then you can live off your music.

Where can we find Ivuga Band?

Edmund: Besides weddings and private functions to which we can’t invite the public, you can find us at Jeliza Hotel on Bombo Rd Opposite Bat Valley every last Wednesday of the month.

Can Ivuga band buy a song from me?

Yes sure, we buy from 200,000/= up. If your song is good enough, why not?

Edmund advises young artists to start out as live artists to sharpen singing skills such that you can easily breakout at as a confident solo artist. Such an artist, he says,  cannot compare to a CD artist.

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By Prossy Nyafono


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