MUK students develop Land Valuation App.

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  • Posted: February 22, 2017
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If you plan to buy or sell a piece of land, you will be interested in the new App created by 2 MUK students Grace Kitaka and his partner Nakiwuge Faridah. The students of Information and communication technology told LinkmeUg’s Sharon Muzaki that it took them 3 weeks to develop the app which helps price a piece land on Android phones.

Name of the company and app.
Katogo Uganda Ltd is the name of our company and Kitaka is what we call the property app, Kitaka was taken up from the fact that Bantu languages use ‘Ttaka’ to mean land. I, Kitaka Grace act as CEO and App developer and my partner Nakiwuge Faridah is the Legal and Valuation advisor.

Why develop a Land App?

Kitaka: 2 reasons, many people are buying land and they need to have a figure in their mind before they approach the seller. And secondly, we realized that many people were losing land to unscrupulous people who sell the same plot to many buyers. The App will address those 2 challenges.

How will the app run?
Users enter the details of their Land – measurements, location,and area occupied and the app values the property in 30 seconds.

What are your objectives?
To provide lightning speed digital land and property valuation and availing solutions for everyday problems.

How will you make money?
The App is currently on trial so it’s still free but soon we shall start charging a small fee each time a piece of land is valued using our App.

How will the app help business people?
It will save time in valuation of property for people seeking loans or when one needs to sell/buy.


Kitaka: Through Google play store, users can download the App onto their phones and use it very easily.

LinkmeUg gives a platform to the young innovators of Uganda and calls on authorities to support App developers like Grace Kitaka.

By Sharon Muzaki


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