UTIs, how much do you know about them?

Many of us have suffered a Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) an infection in the urinary system, but how much do you know about what causes them and the treatment.

LinkmeUg’s Curthbert Kigozi will cover the issue in a 3 part series. What do youth know about UTIs, how to avoid them as well as what the doctor advises.

We know that both males and females suffer UTI’s but the ladies are at a greater risk so first we bring you what the ladies know think.


Evelyn Gathoni 23: I have never suffered from UTI’s but being a lady, i researched about diseases that can affect me as a lady and UTI was one of them among the many. Its caused by poor hygiene, sharing bathrooms with people who are inffected and through sex if one of the parties is infected.

Kansemire Flavia 24: A few months back, I was suffering from a UTI which i might have contracted from the dirty toilets at campass according to the doctor.

Nakalema Jenifer 22:  Urinary tract infections can be caused by the little things we do that seem small but crucial on our health. Washing the bathrooms first before we use them especially at school where the hygiene of bathrooms and toilets is not good.

Nakiwala Doreen 21: I think the 2nd hand clothes we buy and try out before washing may also play a role in contracting UTIs.


Peace Mukisa 20: The most significant symptom I know is feeling a sharp pain while having a short call.

Cathy 21:  When I had a UTI, I developed a slight fever and whenever I slept, I would sweat so badly that my clothes and my sheets were soaked. I went to the hospital and i was diagnosed with UTI.


Lydia Akiteng 22: I prevent UTIs by wiping from front to back, drinking a lot of water because once i go to ease my self, in this way am flashing out some of the bacteria that might again cause a re-infection.

Sharon Nabiryo 25: UTI’s are treatable and the best way to prevent them is maintaining good hygiene and also avoid sharing person staff like towels and under wear.

Nakiwala Doreen 21: Maintaining a good hygiene and consulting a medical personel incase of anything unusual on your health is the best way to prevent UTI’s.

Lynn Tusiime 24: I do emphasize good hygiene and also a medical checkup before having unprotected sex because UTIs can be contracted from sex.

In the follow up article, we bring you what the guys say about the same. Don’t miss out.


By Curthbert Kigozi


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