Uganda Amputee Soccer Federation UASF elects new leaders

Persons with disability on 16th January 2017 elected representatives to govern the Uganda Amputee Soccer Federation – UASF in an election conducted at the Uganda Paralympic committee offices in Mulago.

UASF is concerned with motivating, facilitating and organizing numerous sports activities for the amputee PWDs (people with disabilities)

Kitimbo Lawrance was elected the new President of the federation after an endorsement from several members of the assembly.

Speaking to LinkmeUg, the elected president shared his plans, “Am going to develop sports among the amputees, by uplifting their talents through organizing sports activities”

Lawrence believes Uganda has chance to bring more medals in the Paralympics like David Emong though, “amputees are undermined.”

UASF New governing Leaders

Vice President: Scholar Acoka

General Secretary: Tabuley Mungueconi

Publicity: Onyango Samuel

Treasurer: Amos William

Vice President technical: Kidega Bosco


By Don Newton Muganga


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