One on one with Peace Proscovia, Uganda’s Netball star.

Studying a Masters’ Degree, playing for a leading University in the UK and being a sports Ambassador is certainly no easy task but that is what Uganda sports superstar Peace Proscovia is juggling at Loughborough Lightning University. LinkmeUg’s Wilberforce Muzahura earlier this week spoke to Proscovia, via Skype.

How does it feel to be part of a star-studded line-up for the 2017 season?
Proscovia: I am overwhelmed with joy and humbled for being given this opportunity. I thank the Loughborough Lightning team for the faith, belief and trust that they have shown for the time I have been here.

What have you learnt from playing Netball at this level?
Proscovia: My input at the World Cup was largely a result of the training I’ve done with Loughborough Lightning. The most important thing in my career has been understanding the science and art behind netball which while at Loughborough.

What is your life today?
Proscovia: Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that someone of my background can make it to this level! Living in the UK is interesting, especially getting to grips with a new culture and the people however we seem to share a love for sport.

What are your aims for this year?
Proscovia: To make it to the NSL Final currently I put up approximately 500 – 700 shots a week.

Take us through a typical training day.
Proscovia: Training days are the most interesting of all! It starts with gym in the morning, shooting sessions in the afternoon and ends with team training.

Tell us about your MSc Marketing at Loughborough University.
Proscovia: I am enjoying it because my ambition has always been to study at a university with a good reputation in academia and sport. Graduating with a masters’ degree from Loughborough University will be my greatest achievement outside of netball.

How do you balance studies with netball?
Proscovia: It comes down to having a well planned schedule and following it strictly. But I also spare time to go to Church or spend time at home relaxing.

What next after active netball?
Proscovia: I plan to have a fulltime job and also coach netball.

Do you have any pre-match rituals?
Proscovia: Not really but I always have moments of prayer, asking God to take charge of the task ahead of me.

Any random fact about you?
Proscovia: When I first came to Loughborough, I did not know how to use a microwave! [She laughs]

Proscovia who describes herself as easy going, hardworking and persistent owes her achievements today to her Physical Education teacher back in Primary school who identified the talent, her passion for the game and inspiration by athletes drove me to pursue a career in netball.

Gilbert Netball took on Proscovia as ambassador in Dec 2016 and Brand Manager Hellen Manufor was extremely impressed by it, “We’re enormously happy that Peace will be joining Gilbert Netball as an Ambassador. She’s a fantastic elite athlete and a great ambassador for Uganda and for the African region. We will be working closely with Peace on the growth of netball awareness and participation in Uganda and across Africa.”

By Wilberforce Muzahura
Online Media for youth