Are your New Year resolutions in motion?

February is here and you may think it is too soon to ask about your resolutions for the year but many times when we take long to act, the months fly past and before long, it is August and the resolutions are still on paper.

This year should be different and here’s is how to make it.

  1. Revise your list downwards

Having too many items on the list takes you longer to accomplish especially if they all require your time and funds. Each year we build on the achievements of the previous year so 2 or 3 new resolutions is just fine.

  1. Thoroughly plan it out

Planning starts with deciding where you want to go, who will help you get there and breaking down the steps you will take to get there. Do your research from friends and other people who know about what you want. Always ask; many people are willing to help. From your research, you will be able know what challenges await you.

  1. Adjust your life to the goal

Once you have made up your mind on what you want to do, do all in your means to make sure it works out. Create time and maintain habits that get you to your goal. A goal like starting a business while at school will mean reducing on personal time like the movies or hanging out with friends.

  1. Have a work plan

Deciding what to do about your target on a week by week basis makes sure that you don’t run out of activities or get stuck on what to do when. It won’t all fall into place at ago, so break it down.

If you really want those resolutions to work out, do something about them every day and talk to the right people for help.

Good luck


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