Makerere Guild discusses University re-opening

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  • Posted: January 6, 2017
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Following the re-opening of Makerere University on January 2, 2017 after a 2 months closure, the guild president on 5th January launched the Guild Forum meeting, the first of its kind in which the Guild President and a panel of students discussed the consequences of the November 2016 Makerere University closure and aired their recommendations to the Visiting Committee investigating the University’s troubles.

In his address, the guild president Roy Ssemboga praised the university and claimed that it is the best in Africa, “Even in the middle of crises, Makerere still remains number one. We are ready to break and defeat whoever is working to tarnish the prestigious image of this university”

He gave an account of what transpired during the two months closure and what the guild had done to push for the opening of the university, “During the closure, we urged KCCA to compensate the university land and structures that were destroyed during the Makerere hill road construction; this compensation is renovating roads inside the campus. We also asked them to better parking space around Halls of residences, improve our drainage system and repair the lighting and Perimeter wall.” said Ssemboga.

Mr. Ssemboga however noted many challenges and loses the university met and made , during the closure, like missing out on the East African Games which would have given it an opportunity to host the all Africa games later.

He also warned Hostels who are charging students extra money for accommodation saying that this is unfair and that they would to be dealt with. He also insisted that the University Council’s decision to have every student clear full fees by the second week after resumption is unrealistic and will not abide. He further suggested that all students be allowed to sit for exams.

Students response

Students raised issues about poor management of funds both by the guild and the university management. 

Hon. Mukasa Mbidde guides

He is a former guild president and current vice president of the democratic Party, urged students to preach the gospel of Makerere rather than criticizing it in the public eye. He said he believes it’s the best in Africa and is proud to have been part of it. He then urged students not to mix academics with politics.

Dr Abel Rwendire Informs

He is the Chairman of The Visiting Committee and he informed the students that work had already started and that they expect students to own it up and provide all the necessary support.

“We are going to be different. We are looking at the previous committees to see which recommendations were implemented and which ones were not. We shall start with those that were never implemented.” Dr Rwendire said.

By Aggrey Nyondwa


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