UTIs – What do the guys know?

Whereas ladies are more likely to suffer UTIs, the men too get suffer this problem and need info and help. LinkmeUg earlier spoke to the ladies on what they know about UTIs and how they handle the problem see -http://linkme.co.ug/2017/01/utis-what-do-you-know/

This time we focus on the guys; Curthbert Kigozi had a chat with young men about what they know about UTIs.


Katerega Michel 23: UTI’s in men are contracted through sex most of the times since a few guys use condoms and little do they know about their partners status.

Muganga Isaac Newton 24: I think sharing urinals with infected people is what spreads UTIs.

Bwanika Osman 23: Some guys share underwear with friends and I think that is how they catch UTIs. 


Kiyaga Geofrey 21: having a burning pain while easing your self and urine comes out in beats.

Katerega Micheal 23: At times one gets fevers which might be taken slightly but it’s a symptom so seek medical help.

Muyomba Herbert 25: Abdominal pain is felt too and bad smelling urine.

Kayongo Stephen 23: I had a friend who always complained of a fluid dripping from his genitals and when he went to a doctor, he was diagnosed with a UTI.


Andrew 25: Wear condoms when you have sex.

Bwanika osman 23: One should not hold up urine even though its painful while easing your self.

Gerald 22: If you’re not circumcised, thoroughly clean the area beneath the foreskin each time you shower.

The men’s opinion is similar in many ways with the ladies, in our last part of ‘Dealing with UTIs’ the LinkmeUg doctor gives you the ‘medical answers’ on how to deal with this.


By Curthbert Kigozi


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