Making it in the fashion business Deborah Nanyanja style


Losing her greatest inspiration in life, her father in 2013, Nanyanja Deborah 24, has not let her passion and career in Fashion and Designing vanish.

With the help of her elder brother who fought tooth and nail to accomplish their late father’s wish of setting up a business for his daughter, she has lifted herself up from scratch to something on the 8th floor of Grand corner house in down town Kampala.

LinkmeUg caught up with Deborah as she unfolded more of her story.

Are you trained in Fashion and Designing?

Deborah: Yes i studied a Diploma in Fashion and Designing at YMCA.

What inspired you into fashion?

Deborah: I always advised my friends on trending fashion styles that I would see my role model Latifu Madoi advertising on his  Face book page. Luckily enough, my dad too was so supportive and encouraged me to keep up with my spirit of fashion. My mum too was okay with it but Dad and I spoke indepth about what i wanted.

When did you and your brother start the business?

Deborah: He helped me start it in May 2015 while i was still studying at YMCA. Starting a business while a student was hard but I had to persevere.

What kind of clothes do you deal in?

Deborah: Dresses ( party dresses and those with an African wear fabric), skirts,suits depending on the customers choice.

Do you make all the clothes you sell?

Deborah: Yes I do, though at times when I have a big order, I do get help from my other tailors to meet the deadline. Beside clothes, I also make bags.

What challenges do you face?

Deborah: The materials are so expensive but once you make a good piece, customers want to pay a low price. And with my high rent, I gain very little profit on such items.

How much do you make?

Deborah: On a good day, i really make much and on a bad one, around 25000 shs.

What Motivates you?

My dream to be a prominate figure in the fashion industry motivates me but naturally I have the hard work mentality. So i have to work had to archieve all that.

Where do you see yourself in the years ahead?

I see myself opening up more branches of Debies fashion and having a good number of employees.


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