Let’s talk HIV/AIDS


As we mark World AIDS day – 1st December, LinkmeUg is concerned about the youth HIV statistics.

  • 570 youth mostly girls 10 – 24 catch HIV/AIDs weekly; dominating  the over 83,000 new infections in Uganda.
  • 110,000 adolescents – young people aged between 10 and 19 years old – are living with HIV
  • HIV/AIDS is now the leading cause of death among this age group.
  • 36% of children now have their first sexual encounter between age 13 and 16.

This means that Uganda’s dream of having an HIV free generation is far from reality. But the facts about HIV remain the same:

How HIV is spread?

HIV can spread only in certain body fluids from a person infected with HIV:

  • Blood
  • Semen
  • Pre-seminal fluids
  • Rectal fluids
  • Vaginal fluids
  • Breast milk

Prevention facts remain the same:

  • Abstinence
  • Being faithful to one spouse.
  • Correctly using condoms every time.
  • Not sharing sharp objects.

Why are youth still catching HIV with this knowledge?

Research has proved that youth don’t seem to see the big fuss about a disease with readily available medication. As such;

  • There is a lot of casual sex.
  • Condoms are not being used for so many reasons.
  • High drug and alcohol abuse which means that one is not totally in control of their sex life.

Why I don’t use condoms – the guys speak out!!

HIV is still a threat to Uganda, has no cure or vaccine yet. “Joining hands to scale up HIV prevention” is the theme this year and LinkmeUg is asking, “What are you doing to prevent HIV?”

Get tested and live a responsible life.


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