Disability – it’s your business too.

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  • Posted: December 15, 2016
  • Author: linkmeUg


People without physical or mental disability may have no idea or interest in issues of persons with these Disabilities. But life without proper sanitation, tools to move around and use in day to day life is the most frustrating aspect of being disabled.

During the celebrations to mark the day for PWDs held at Mengo Primary school on December 14, 2016, Vincent Kafeero, the Projects coordinator UNAPD – Uganda National Action on Physical Disability told LinkmeUg, ” Accessibility is still a night mare all over Uganda. PWDs can’t access markets, some hospitals, toilets in all place and even in church the Reverends and priests can’t be accessed without using stairs.”

But how is this a concern for a person who can walk up and down the stairs?

Vincent says that UNAPD advocates for better services for PWDs and quickly added, “Not everyone is born disabled, Infact everyone is a potential candidate for disability. A boda boda accident can leave you in a wheel chair, is that when you will care about walk ways for people with wheel chairs?”

How to be a partner with PWDs

LinkmeUg interviewed Egesa Joseph secretary of Balema Tusobola Association – Nsambya on how a person without disability can help a PWD.

  • Don’t stigmatize against PWDs. Judge people by what they can do and say and not what they look like.
  • Share information on available opportunities.
  • Have buildings with ramps and sanitary places which can be used by people in wheel.
  • Some PWDs need help to move around.
  • Drive carefully; accidents are a major cause of disability in Uganda.
  • Help PWDs access health care in your community.

“Skilling PWDs, a tool for poverty alleviation” was the theme this year and youth with disability have been reminded of the different funds availed by government at the sub-county and parish levels to start business.


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