How to be a young marketer.

mahadMeet Mahad Katongole 24, currently awaiting graduation with a Bachelors’ Degree in Tourism from K.I.U. Mahad is not folding his hands  waiting for a job with 2 million salary to drop from heaven, he is trying out the sales and marketing work with Vodafone.

On life as a young Marketer.

Mahad: Life is not as easy as I expected. You have to be really strong to move on as a marketer because its a sensitive industry. How you handle customers will speak well or terribly of the company yo are marketing and you will lose your opportunity to grow as in the business.

How did you get this job?

Mahad: It was through a friend who was already working with the company. He asked me to write an application and CV which i did and i was later called for an Interview which i passed.

What do you Market?

Mahad: Internet devices mostly such as Mi-fis and company phones. Sometimes, a client prefers another product, you have to be flexible and professional enough to change their interests into buying your commodity.

Whats challenges do you face as a marketer?

Our company (Vodafone) is still growing customer base in the country but widely known overseas. Vodafone has quality services and products coming at competitive prices but many Ugandans would rather have a cheaper service. So some say they cant afford us.

What skills have you improved in the 3 months as a marketer?

Mahad: I have improved my customer  care and Intra-personal skills. Marketing doesnt need people with weak hearts so I have learnt to be strong and face fears. Any youth willing to join marketing should be fearless.

By Curthbert Kigozi


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