Computer light causes slow blindness – are you at risk?


When you enter most offices today, the first thing you realize is that everyone is busy on a computer. But they have been there since 8am using the same computer probably for the last 3 years or more years. The same people have personal laptops at homes, one or two smart phones, an ipad, a television in office, an overhead projector for meetings and a home television which never goes off.

When you come to think of it, your eyes are looking into light from your gadgets almost 70% of the time you are awake. If you were looking at word documents, which isn’t as bad as the moving pictures and the flash photography you torture your eyes with.

LinkmeUg Young and Health contacted Dr. Joseph Masajjage an optician on the impact all this light has on our eyes which he says leads to slow blindness if unattended to.

Dr. Masajjage: The biggest danger is the blue light that comes from these gadgets. And simply put, too much exposure to this light causes damage on the retina [the black part of your eye.] The retina has light sensing cells and too much light destroys them.

How bad is too much exposure to this blue light?

Dr. Masajjage: Too much exposure is more than 3 hours a day; most of us do 10 or more hours. The eye is a complex organ with a cornea – transparent tissue which protects the rest of the eyes from dust, pupil, retina, iris [regulates how much light enters the eye]

But simply put, excessive exposure to light weakens the eye and it starts absorbing too light which accumulates in the eye exhausting and burning it.

With time, this causes a sandy sensation in the eyes, headaches, and blurry vision which will get worse if untreated.


Using your gadgets hours on end is dangerous but here are remedies from the optician.

Dr. Masajjage:

  • Rest your eyes for an hour after 3 hours of exposure. Resting your eyes means no T.V, no News Papers, I mean close your eyes completely.
  • Get an anti glare for your computer or buy gadgets with inbuilt anti-glare.
  • Relax your exhausted eyes by placing a wet cloth over you shut eyes to cool them.
  • Don’t switch off lights to watch T.V. This will reduce the concentrations of light from T.V. Even with computer or a phone, work in a well lit room.
  • Always protect your eyes from the sun’s bright light using the UV glasses acquired from an optician. In a city with glass covered buildings like Kampala the sun’s rays can be very dangerous.
  • Adjust the light of your gadget to suit your eyes.

When to Visit an optician

Dr: Masajjage: It’s sad that in Africa we only visit a doctor when we are sick. But you need, at least, one visit a year if you don’t have eye complications.


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