Why I don’t use condoms – the guys speak out!!

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On 30th August 2016, the Uganda AIDS Commission released the 2015 – 2016 Uganda HIV/AIDS Progress Report which revealed at youth between 15-24 years dominated the 83,000 new infections.

Condoms have proved successful at preventing HIV infections if correctly and continually used but as LinkmeUg’s Cuthbert discovered, a number of young men are not using condoms and here is why.

Ainebyona James 25: I am strong willed at not using condoms cause am aggressive because I want my girlfriend to know that I am real man. I don’t want to be looked at with contempt. I fear the condom will tear. My partner and I are tested and I make sure she is on contraception.

Sengendo Robert 22: I don’t feel like I am having sex with a condom on.  Even the sex scenes I have watched don’t have condoms on. I believe is having an HIV testing for the both of us and contraception is a must have. .

Musasizi Peter 21: A girl must do what I want if I spend on her. And not using a condom is proof that I am getting my money’s worth. Immediately after having sex, I rush to the hospital for a pep injection as a way of protecting myself from HIV. For a case of unwanted pregnancy, I provide money for an abortion cause at my age I am not ready to be a father.

Kayondo Rashid 26: I use condoms but they do smell badly for me. Their smell at times kills my mood hence causing shame to me in-front of my partner. After doing a checkup with my partner and we are all good to go, condoms are dropped immediately. For the unplanned pregnancies, I have paid for three abortions so far, now I am strict on birth control methods.

Opetto Geofrey 23: Condoms make it hard for me to enjoy my moment because of the friction. So I have sex when we are both well prepared, I have heard that dry sex makes the HIV spread so I think I am safe. Abortion is the only solution for any unplanned pregnancy.

Obulamu responds

  • Condoms when correctly used help prevent HIV, unplanned pregnancies and STD/Is used.
  • You HIV status expires every time you have risky sex.
  • Having more than one sexual partner at the same time may seem cool but you cannot always know their sexual history.
  • Even when you feel as if you trust him/her, this is not enough to prevent HIV.

 By: Cathbert Kigozi


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