How Youth Livelihood fund is being used


In January 2014, Uganda launched the Youth Livelihood Fund worth 265 billion shillings over a period of 5 years. These funds can be accessed by any group of youth between 18-30yrs from their sub county level. 2 years on and the Youth Livelihoods Program is proving the doubting Thomases wrong.

According to Mr. James Ebitu, the Program manager, 8,213 groups and 105,674 youth have benefited from the fund and are running different projects.

Projects by youth

  1. Agriculture 43.8% [Crop, live stock, fish farming and more]
  2. Trade – 27%
  3. Services 11% hair dressing, motor vehicle, shoe repair
  4. Small scale manufacturing, value addition 9%
  5. Vocational skills 6.2%
  6. ICT, agro-forestry, creative industry and others 3%

Mr. Ebitu has further revealed that over 100 million shillings is refunded by youth weekly bringing the total to 4.5bn.

Category of beneficiaries

Youth with disability  – 2,926

O-level leavers        – 18,000

A-level leavers          – 7,102

Tertiary graduates – 7,335

LinkmeUg is urging more unemployed youth in this age bracket to consider self employment by accessing these funds which come on these terms.

  • No physical assets/collateral required.
  • The fund size depends on request made by the group ranging from 1-25 million shillings.
  • There is no interest for repayments made within the first twelve months.
  • Only 5% per annum surcharge for the repayments made after the first year.
  • Flexible repayment period of 1-3 years depending on the nature of the project.
  • Accessible for both new and existing groups and formal registration of groups not a precondition for accessing funds.
  • No administrative fees charged

Getting started

  • Go to your sub county level and ask for the youth livelihood fund.
  • Express interest by filling a one-page form at the sub county youth office.
  • The sub county teams will take up your interest to establish facts attached.
  • You don’t need a project proposal, the team at the sub county level will help out with that.

Mr. Ebitu on succeeding in business as a group

  • Must have a viable project, use your skills and knowledge to start a business.
  • Have genuine members of the group who are truly working towards the vision,
  • Be patience, don’t run for quick gains
  • Be committed to the group business.

Groups that access YLF are monitored by sub county and district officials, youth leadership structures and the ministry of Gender, Labour and social development under which the youth fall.

LinkmeUg, encourages you to reach out for these funds and share your experience with us on our website, facebook page or email: [email protected]

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