Qualifying for a job after you get it


In Uganda, it’s not unusual for you to get a job you have no knowledge about. What with the “technical who” or the many degree courses that take our youth no where. If your family friend or a relative helps you off the street you need to get the right skills and training to keep that job and start to enjoy it.

LinkmeUg’s Cuthbert Kigozi spoke to Ms. Priscilla Nyachwo a Human Resource officer who shared some ideas on how to fit in a job you are not qualified for.

Why would an HR hire someone without papers?

The HR speaks: Sometimes papers are not the issue we look at; experience and skills are a key issue; the way you present yourself at the interview will matter as well.

How do I fit in such a position?

The HR speaks: Surely some people that are hired tend to wallow in the valley of despair with thoughts of Am I really fit for this? Shouldn’t this work be done by someone more qualified than me? It’s ok to feel like that but just know that the job you’re doing might be a stepping stone to the one that suits your papers.

Your advice?

The HR speaks: I highly recommend on-job training which could range from a month to a complete diploma or certificate to get an insight on how to run the job especially when you are interested in it.

In the meantime, have these skills;

  • Good communication skills
  • Be a team player
  • Inquisitive to learn
  • Be a quicker learner.

Don’t lose hope or under mind the job; that’s more experience on your CV and you are putting something in your pockets.

I also advise that if you are not contented with where this job is taking you, keep applying for your dream jobs.

By: Cathbert Kigozi


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