Talent identified during the National Disability sports held in Busia


The Uganda Paralympic games which commenced on 26th September to 29th October in Busia district ended successfully.

The event was held at Madibira primary school to nature talent of persons with disability who participated in a number sports activities including:

  • Wheelchair basketball,
  • Table tennis,
  • Sit volleyball
  • Sit football,
  • Athletics

Organized by UNAPD in conjunction with the Uganda National Council of sports, the games aimed to nature Paralympic talent to mold participates for the Tokyo 2020.

The National President Paralympic Committee Mpindi Bumali told LinkmeUg that it was quite an achievement to see that Uganda’s only medalist David Emong shone at the Rio Paralympic Games, calling on government to give them a hand; Emong won Uganda a sliver medal.

Many universities, societies and associations for the disabled participated in the 4 day events these included Busia, Mubende rehabilitation center (MRC) Nyanana, Kyambogo university, Makerere university.

Many participants said they were happy to have an event which unites persons with disability in Uganda.

The UNAPD spokes person, Patrick Synole, believes, “The tournament is a road map to Tokyo 2020; we do this to identify talent so that we can nurture them but more importantly we want to see that PWDS are included in development. Sports is a way to fight stigmas against PWDs. because Ugandans see what they can do. Come 2020, we should not send only one athlete to the Olympics.”

By: Don Muganga


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